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Discover the power of our trendy therapeutic technique that benefits both physical health and mental wellbeing. Learn more about the healing power of Rojo's Red Light Therapy NZ.

Rojo red light therapy

Introducing the Rojo Refine series with industry first features that totally change the game!

Independent control of each individual wavelength allows you to set any percentage combination of the 5 wavelengths that are important to you and our unique Rojo Smart modes give you instant access to 10 different treatment settings.

Now with 3 custom memory settings, you can save your preferred settings for instant recall and using the touch screen display and our custom ROJO app you can control one or more ROJO devices from your phone or tablet.

Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with Rojo Red Light Therapy. Choose between targeted half and full-body setups and start to experience the benefits of red-light therapy in your own home today.

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Independent control of each individual wavelength

World first: For ultimate user control our refine series offers independent adjustment of each individual wavelength independently of the other wavelengths. (not just control of all red or all NIR wavelengths grouped together). No other brand has this key benefit.

Choose the individual wavelengths and intensity that are important to you. No longer are you stuck with the percentages of each wavelength that are set by a manufacturer.

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3 preset custom settings

Save 3 different treatment parameters in the memory for instant recall. Ideal when you want to save different treatment types or for different members of the family. Just click the run button and your saved treatment settings are instantly activated.

The Rojo difference

10 Smart modes for various treatment types

Completely unique to ROJO – each smart mode has been researched and has wavelength, intensity and time settings based on scientific research. If you are learning red light you can choose from the following smart modes: Inflamation, skin repair, muscle recovery, collagen repair, fat loss, sleep, wound heal, Nerve, Bone & Joint, Pet.

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Sleep and Sunrise smart modes

The ultimate sleep modes! Our dedicated sleep smart mode gradually fades from 20% intensity red to 0% over a 30 minute period - Perfect for preparing your body for sleep.

Sunrise mode welcomes in your new day with a gradual increase in red light from 0% -50% intensity over a 30 minute period.

The benefits of
Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy naturally stimulates the body’s production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), a key element in cellular regeneration. As a result, red Light therapy offers a safe, painless treatment to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, improved skin health, muscle recovery, and more.
Mental Health & Sleep
Studies boast the benefits of red light therapy to help boost mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality by increasing melatonin levels. With mental health becoming more widely discussed, it is essential to know all the available treatment options available
Improved skin health
Rojo Red Light Therapy devices use a combination of red and near-infrared light to encourage collagen production and stimulate tissue repair to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve overall skin health.
Increased energy
Red light therapy strengthens the mitochondria, the part of the cell that creates energy, giving the body more power to draw on to improve overall energy levels.
Muscle recovery
Red light therapy helps to accelerate muscle repair by stimulating mitochondria and stem cells for faster recovery.
Improved circulation
Red light therapy stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle to promote hair health and growth.
Reduced inflammation & pain relief
Red light therapy provides targeted pain relief to ease stiffness and soreness and reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. In addition, clinical studies have shown light therapy can be an effective natural treatment to alleviate symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases, spinal cord, and traumatic brain injury.
Boost melatonin
Clinical research shows that red light therapy helps the body produce more melatonin and enhances sleep quality.
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Rojo panels are manufactured in a medical class facility to the highest technical standards.
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Fully customised control of each individual wavelength, for ultimate end user control
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3 custom preset settings modes and 10 Unique smart modes with Touch Screen control
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Remote adjustment using the ROJO connected app for ease of use

Is red light therapy
right for you?

Discover the benefits of red light therapy, an advanced technology treatment that is fast becoming favoured for its health and mood benefits. It's an innovative alternative for people seeking non-invasive, safer, and healthier methods.


We all know how important it is to get a good night's sleep every night so that we can face new challenges refreshed and relaxed. Studies show that red light therapy has a positive effect on sleep by increasing melatonin levels, improving mood and reducing anxiety.


Research suggests that LED light therapy can boost energy levels before and after exercise, potentially improving athletic performance. This safe approach works by energising mitochondria and stem cells, and CAM also supports muscle repair and faster recovery from sports injuries.


As a non-invasive approach, red light therapy offering a range of benefits, from reducing chronic inflammation to treating mood disorders. It is advantageous for a broad spectrum of individuals, particularly for those looking to improve their mental health and general wellbeing.


Clinical studies have shown that red light therapy can strengthen mitochondria, leading to increased energy production. This enhancement allows cells to function more effectively in tasks such as skin repair, new cell growth and skin rejuvenation, contributing to overall health.

What the science says

It has been scientifically proven in thousands of peer reviewed clinical trials that our cells’ respond to different wavelengths of Red and Near Infrared light, in the medical literature this therapy is known as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) or Photobiomodulation (PBMT). What happens is the light penetrates the mitochondria of the cell enabling it to produce ATP (Adrenosine Triphosphate), the source of energy for use and storage at the cellular level.

To understand better how and why light therapy works, and who can experience the benefits, follow the link below to discover more.
Learn more
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Use your phone or tablet to control your Rojo device.
Our custom designed ROJO LED APP turns your mobile phone or tablet into a visual smart remote control, which can remotely adjust and control all settings on one or more panels. simultanuously . The ROJO app also contains a user guide and more for a total user experience.

Download the app

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Learn more

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What our customers say

I've been using ROJO for about a year. I find that my blood circulation has improved and my sleep as well. Very happy I bought it. I find it very relaxing to spend 39 min every day.



Great product Im finding im not going to Chiro any more. Sleeping better skin looking great and I had two operation last year this was main reason I bought to help me recover and get back to work and it was amazing.



Love my Rojo 1500 , eases aches and pains, completely energises me and makes me feel so refreshed. Worth every dollar.



Love my Rojo 1500. The 1500 is an adequate size to benefit from full body red light therapy. I use on average 5 days per week (owned for 12 months) and feel the recovery benefits for sure. I would definitely recommend the 1500 for a good balance of full body red light therapy but also being affordable compared to some of the larger options. Overall, very happy with my purchase.



Very effective. Used most days to relieve pain.



Love my Rojo 3000, its been amazing. I have found many health benefits. My skin is looking and feeling amazing. Thank you Rojo!!!


Barbara Stewart

Our household has been using a Rojo 1500 for just over 2 weeks now and we are loving it!

The most noticeable benefits we are experiencing so far are faster recovery from training and deeper, more restful sleep. I also had a very stiff neck and could barely look over my shoulder. It took 3 sessions in front of the panel to experience a significant improvement in mobility.

The customer service I have experienced with Rojo has been incredible. In a completely unregulated industry, Rojo has shown a deep level of knowledge, transparency and a genuine desire to offer the highest therapeutic grade devices to serve their customer’s needs. I am very grateful for this.


Katherine Beilharz, VIC

I purchased the Rojo 1500 panel after looking extensively into light therapy panels and their potential for help in a variety of health issues or general wellness. After speaking with the owner who was able to answer all my questions I felt very confident with my purchase.

The delivery time was super quick, the packaging was excellent. The panel itself is of excellent build quality and the control panel is both very practical and simple to use.

As for benefits noted, it is too soon to judge. I’ll be aiming to update this in the future when I hope to benefit from what light therapy has to offer.


VM, Sydney

My Rojo 900 panel has just arrived. The delivery time was quick. I was very impressed with how well it was packaged. It feels like great quality. The control panel is very easy to use.

I am so excited to get using it. I have a few health issues that red light therapy should help with, so I am looking forward to doing an update on my progress and health benefits.

I’m also looking to see if it helps my daughters’ skin, as she has struggled with acne for years.


K.W, Gold Coast

Disclaimer: All ROJO light therapy products are considered low risk and designed for general health and wellbeing, they are not intended to cure or prevent specific medical conditions, diseases, or prescribe any course of action. The content on this website is for informational or educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals. Before using our products, a health professional should be consulted, we are not medical professionals, so please contact your GP or health practitioner for medical advice.
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